the rabbit

there is something out there
in the garden

I saw it dart under the periwinkle
to the stippled rock by the shade lilies
it may have been a rabbit
but I can’t be sure, it disappeared
in such a twinkling

it may have been the sliver of fear
that escaped last night
as I prayed on the cedar bench
under the moonlight
it leapt out between my ribs
and dodged through my fingers
cupped together there

this morning, I couldn’t remember
what it was I had lost

until I saw that flash of a rabbit
out in the garden at dawn
I knelt down and peered under the bed
I opened and closed all the cupboards
while the kettle boiled

after breakfast, I wandered into the garden
stepping through the greenery
telling myself that just a glimpse
would do, although truly
I wanted to hold that rabbit near,

not sure how to get on with my day
without it

© Annabelle Jane Murray