annabelle jane murray

Creative Expression.

I have been involved in the arts, one way or another, for many years. As a young adult I designed marketing material, album covers, and art-directed a number of music videos for independent bands. I later spent my early career as a book designer in the Toronto publishing industry.

In the past decade, I have focused on writing poetry and painting, with the release of two chapbooks of poetry - Secret Stone (2007), and She Takes What She Needs (2009) - receiving numerous awards and literary recognition.

My heart, however, lies in painting. My style is informed by my graphic design background, and inspired by an abiding love of nature. I paint in acrylic, often highlighting my work with a multitude of dots. This application has evolved into my meditative practice, and - at the risk of sounding flaky - I like to think this peaceful energy permeates each painting.

I am deeply honoured to share my work with you here, and grateful to those who have chosen my art for their walls.

Thanks for visiting!