2018 - Year of Healing

In February 2018, I was given a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I had an excellent surgeon and she removed everything that needed to be removed. We are so lucky in Canada to have access to such an amazing healthcare system - only 15 days passed between my diagnosis and surgery.

I agreed to the surgery wholeheartedly, but declined the chemotherapy - for a whole host of reasons. It was scary to make this decision, only in the sense that it involved coming up against the medical model head-on, with its threats of terrifying statistics and outcomes. But once my surgeon (also my oncologist) realized that I was not to be convinced otherwise, she agreed to stay on with me to monitor my status every three months.

I immediately revamped my diet to largely pesco-vegetarian, with the occasional organic chicken breast and omelette. I started on a course of immunotherapy recommended by a family friend who has managed to extend his life way beyond his oncologist's prognosis. I started a meditation practice in earnest. I reached out to the universe in prayer. I consulted many different naturopaths, and now do IV treatments once or twice a week.

I am surrounded by love and support in a myriad of ways by my amazing family and friends. My husband has been a rock, and together we did a solid month of research into natural non-toxic treatments before I chose my various courses of treatment.

By mid-April, my blood tests were well below normal. Yay!

I am now almost 3 months post-cancer. I have had to toss out many of my more toxic types of acrylic paint. I'm still not painting. I'm not ready. I have, however, been very drawn to music lately ... to the Native American flute, and to crystal singing bowls. So perhaps music is my next chapter?

Regardless of the direction I choose, the balance of 2018 is for sanctuary and healing. I have cancelled all studio tours and art shows. I truly believe, however, that there are many more paintings inside me. I feel them there, waiting. So stay tuned...

Thank you for all of your support - for the lovely feedback I get from so many of you regarding my art and my poetry. It means the world to me.

I count my many blessings.

In love and light,

 Out paddling with my son - May 2018.

Out paddling with my son - May 2018.